Pryme SPM-2183 Trooper Speaker Mic, Motorola XPR and APX

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The Pryme SPM-2100 Series Trooper speaker microphone has a polyurethane-jacketed microphone cable with strain relief and an impact-resistant, rubber sealed, polycarbonate housing. The Trooper palm mic is built for a long lifespan of heavy-duty use. It has a large Push-To-Talk switch on the side of the mic, and extends over the top, which allows it to be pushed easily while wearing gloves. The Trooper has a spring loaded metal reinforced clothing clip that can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing the user to wear the mic securely with most types of uniforms. The Trooper shoulder mic has a high quality electret condenser-style microphone element for clear transmission. The Trooper also has a powerful speaker that provides ample sound. For added privacy, the Trooper has a 3.5mm earphone jack for listen-only earpieces. Professional quality, water-resistant, remote speaker microphone. Non-slip grips. Replaceable RINO cable with HYDRA connector.

Motorola APX 1000, APX 2000, APX 3000, APX 4000, APX 4000XH, APX 5000, APX 6000, APX 6000LI, APX 6000XE, APX 7000, APX 7000XE, APX 8000, APX 8000H, APX 8000HSRX, APX 8000HXE, APX 8000XE, APX 900, DGP4150, DGP4150+, DGP6150, DGP6150+, DP3400, DP3401, DP3600, DP3601, DP4400, DP4600, DP4800, MTP6550, MTP6750, SRX 2200, XiRP8200, XiRP8208, XiRP8260, XiRP8268, XPR 4500, XPR 6000, XPR 6100, XPR 6300, XPR 6350, XPR 6380, XPR 6500, XPR 6550, XPR 6580, XPR 7000, XPR 7000E, XPR 7300, XPR 7350, XPR 7350E, XPR 7380, XPR 7380E, XPR 7500, XPR 7550, XPR 7550E, XPR 7580, XPR 7580E, and RCA RDR3500 two way radios.

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